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Wealth Access Partners with Cetera Financial Group to Unite Brokerage, Trust and Digital Banking

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Wealth Access is thrilled to announce that we have now added Cetera Financial Group to our partner network. This collaboration propels our ability to deliver enhanced financial data accessibility for our bank and financial service firm clients.

Cetera is renowned as an independent wealth hub and financial services provider that boasts one of the largest families of independent registered investment advisers and broker-dealers in the United States. Their premier financial advisor Wealth Hub empowers bankers and advisors to optimize professional control and value creation. 

This strategic integration offers an excellent opportunity to elevate our services and expand our offerings. By incorporating Cetera into our extensive partnership network, we empower financial institutions (FIs) and financial firms to seamlessly integrate a wide range of wealth data into both business and retail banking experiences.

Through Wealth Access, Cetera’s advisors can now create comprehensive 360-view client records detailing financial history across brokerage, trust and digital banking, delivering the industry's first – and only – solution to streamline and enhance the total of financial services’ existing books and records.

“Wealth Access’ unique ability to clearly and holistically unify and display a client’s financial portfolio is truly unmatched in the industry,” said LeAnn Rummel, CEO and president of Cetera Investment Services. “We are excited to partner with an industry leader who embraces the importance of empowering financial institutions and advisors to serve their clients most efficiently and effectively. As we integrate this innovative solution into Cetera’s award-winning technology suite, we are confident that this partnership will deliver positive long-term results for our financial institutions, their advisors and their clients.”

Cetera’s FIs and advisors, as well as Wealth Access clients, can now access the integration effective immediately. This partnership brings new efficiencies for advisors across the wealth spectrum and for bankers seeking financial support using the most accurate and up-to-date information.  

Our CEO David Benskin said, “The industry has long needed an efficient solution to gather data from a client’s entire financial portfolio and have it in one place so advisors can make the most well-informed and accurate decisions in their client's best interest regarding their assets. At our 2023 Summit, we discussed creating an integrated solution like this, and I am proud to say it now exists. It is the only product that unifies and streamlines data across all platforms and integrates every detail. Furthermore, our digital banking clients also benefit from access to brokerages and trust via this partnership. Everyone wins.”  

With Wealth Access customers expressing keen interest in areas like brokerage, trust and merging wealth with digital banking, our team was determined to drive client-centric solutions that addressed these key priorities. These invaluable insights from our customers truly served as the catalyst for our collaboration with Cetera. Our integration marks an important milestone in our ongoing endeavor to intuitively meet the needs of our FI and financial firm customers.

At Wealth Access, our mission has always been to equip our clients with the essential tools and resources for success – partnering with Cetera enables us to further drive this initiative. Each service enhancement we undertake is meticulously planned with our customers' needs at the forefront, and this partnership exemplifies that commitment.

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