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Winning New Clients with Unified Wealth, Business and Retail Banking Data

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Distinguishing your financial institution (FI) or firm from competitors is the first step to attracting new clients. Both parties may offer high-quality advisors, effective financial guidance and robust technology, but your organization must establish a distinctive value proposition to stand out.

Unified financial data across brokerage, trust and digital banking presents a powerful differentiator that significantly expands your value and provides prospects with a comprehensive view of their finances. This integration empowers advisors to develop well-informed proposals in prospects’ best interests and showcase their expertise to prospects right from the onset of the relationship.

Let's explore the benefits of integrating wealth data with both business and retail banking experiences to help your FI or firm attract new clients.

Enhancing the Client Experience
Delivering a cohesive interface with fully integrated financial data is no longer a nice-to-have feature, it has become essential for offering a strong digital platform that meets client expectations.

Unifying brokerage, trust, banking and other wealth data across the enterprise ensures clients have a centralized location to log in and view their finances. Without full data integration, clients have to navigate multiple platforms and experience a disjointed process of accessing their financial information, leading to inefficiencies and limitations in their ability to manage assets.

Integrated data empowers your clients with comprehensive insights into their financial lives all in one place. This integrated experience allows clients to make more informed decisions and effectively track progress toward their financial goals.

Offering Stronger Financial Guidance
Clients expect your FI or firm to recognize their unique needs, preferences and long-term financial goals and respond with personalized advice and clear financial plans. However, your team’s capability to provide this service quality relies heavily upon the financial data insights at their disposal.

Equipping your advisors with the tools to understand their clients’ complete financial picture is critical for ensuring they can offer the best guidance. Advisors operating without full oversight of all wealth and banking accounts can only share advice informed by a fragmented understanding of their clients’ financial activity.

Gaining an overarching perspective of client assets allows advisors to deliver more accurate, tailored client recommendations. This not only enhances the client-advisor relationship but also enables advisors to add significant value by helping clients advance toward their financial goals.

Providing Easier Accessibility
Relying solely on phone calls for communication is no longer sufficient for meeting the evolving needs of clients. FIs and firms must embrace comprehensive technology solutions that enable continuous and seamless engagement with clients across various channels.

Clients expect easy access to all of their financial information, regardless of the time or day. Data unification consolidates all account details managed by the client's financial team into a single, user-friendly interface, giving clients a holistic view of their financial situation that they can explore at any time of their choosing.

With this level of accessibility, clients always have full visibility and control over their finances, even during unconventional hours when communication with their advisors may not be readily available.

By integrating wealth and banking data, you unlock the potential to deliver enhanced value to your clients and gain a competitive differentiator for your business. Discover how data integration can amplify your ability to win new clients by contacting our team for further insights.