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Wealth Access for Business Launches Today

Business initiative creates a technology experience crafted specifically to equip enterprise financial services firms with the technology they need to create enriched digital experiences for business bankers and the SMB organizations they support.


Wealth Access, a Customer Data Insights platform that enriches and unifies data to power hyper-personalized client experiences, today announced Wealth Access for Business, a new solution to help enterprise financial services firms capitalize on the small-to-medium size business market. With over 30 million business owners in the United States, business banking is a growing and highly desirable client segment for the many multi-faceted, enterprise institutions that Wealth Access supports. With this new initiative, firms will be well equipped to enhance relationships between business bankers and business owners with data-fueled insights and customizable digital experiences.

“Wealth Access for Business was built in collaboration with the enterprise banks we serve each and every day, including being sponsored by First Citizens Bank, so we know it’s addressing their most-requested needs when it comes to unified data and business intelligence,” said David Benskin, CEO and Founder of Wealth Access. “Through the enablement of key digital technology throughout their various business lines, commercial banking units will be able to work more effectively and collaboratively within their operations, which will lead to greater levels of customer service and revenue-generating opportunities.”

The Wealth Access for Business initiative focuses on giving enterprise firms the ability to present complete, enriched financial views for their business owner customers, prospects, and employees through roles-based experiences. By acting as the customer data unification platform for enterprises, Wealth Access ensures that all account information collected can be presented throughout an omni-channel, digital customer experience.

“Wealth Access is the system we use to create a single pane of glass experience for all of our bankers, advisors, and customers,” said Michael Wilson, Managing Director of Wealth Management at First Citizens Bank. “They are far more than a technology vendor; they are a true partner who have given us the technology tools required to unify our firm’s data and deliver customer experiences that today’s business owners want and demand from their banking institutions.”

Specifically, banking institutions can use Wealth Access for Business to:

  • Deliver proactive insights to business bankers on revenue-generating opportunities to increase level of deposits and establish new loan accounts with key customers.
  • Provide transparent views that expose the full deposit versus liability exposure a business has with their bank.
  • Facilitate the creation of a business owner’s personal financial statement.
  • Drive increased efficiency within business banking for client communication, data collection and insights, and bi-directional document sharing between business bankers and business owners.
  • Implement technology into their organization at a speed that’s faster than the average banking technology initiatives with the Wealth Access Catalyst program and its dedicated implementation support.

For more information, click here to read more from Michael Wilson and learn the story behind how First Citizens Bank was able to implement Wealth Access throughout its organization as it has climbed to over $47 billion in bank assets.


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