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What Does the Wealth Access Investor Portal Look Like?

High net worth investors bring an expectation that their advisors will provide them with deep insights, more frequent communication and instant access to their financial information. They may be risk-averse or aggressive investors, and want to know that their advisor is being vigilant in managing their money. One of the best ways modern advisors can provide that information is through the Investor Portal. 

Bottom line: an Investor Portal that is available when the client is and is delivered through the client’s preferred channel is one of the most important tools you can provide to your high net worth clients. 

The Wealth Access Investor Portal allows you to give your clients a highly configurable, private-labeled, and personalized experience that provides a complete balance sheet view while allowing investors to drill down into the details.

Today, we want to look around the Wealth Access Investor Portal and show you how it can provide your clients (and your team) with the tools they need for a successful client relationship.

Investor Portal Dashboard

The dashboard provides clients with a summary view of their entire financial situation, giving them the ability to see where they stand at a glance.

wealth access investor dashboard

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet tab pulls in the investor’s total financial situation, both managed and held away accounts, with the ability to drill down into details. 

For instance, if an investor wants to look at a held-away retirement account, all of that information is available to them directly in the portal. They can see their holdings, historical values, asset allocation (with subcategories of asset classification), detailed transactions for each account and more.

wealth access balance sheet


The Portfolios tab provides detailed information on accounts, holdings and transactions across the client’s entire financial situation. 

It can be viewed as a list:

wealth access investor portal

Or categorized however the investor wants to view it:

wealth access portfolios

Cash Flow

The Cash Flow tab provides a personal financial management tool that allows clients to track spending with categorized transactions.

wealth access cash flow

Document Vault

The client experience also includes a two-way, secure electronic document vault where documents can be automatically distributed, or they can be added by simply dragging and dropping them in.

wealth access document vault

The Document Vault includes an integration with DocuSign so advisors and clients can sign and share documents back and forth. 


The Reports tab features a powerful custom reporting tool that allows clients to create reports on demand:

Or the advisor can schedule reports to be automatically generated and delivered to a client at their chosen frequency.


However they are delivered, clients receive a clear, easy-to-read report that helps them understand and feel in control of their financial situation. 

Mobile Experience

The Wealth Access Investor Portal is a truly omnichannel tool, providing you with a white-labeled app your clients can download, giving them access to their portal on their phone or tablet, in addition to the browser version.

Cash Flow

Document Vault

The mobile experience even allows total access to a client’s important documents in the secure Document Vault. 


Clients can also generate and view reports directly in the mobile app, giving them a complete view of every aspect of their financial life – even on the go. 

Want to See the Wealth Access Investor Portal for Yourself?

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