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Engage Future Stewards of Wealth on an Interactive Virtual Space

90% of next-gen donors are influenced by their parents’ philanthropic thinking. A 2013 global paper by Charities Aid Foundation, entitled The Future Stars Of Philanthropy: How the next generation can shape a bright future, says young people “thrive on engagement.”[1] With the charitable giving rates for the over-60s now twice as high as the under-30s, we should probably all find ways to engage younger generations on this important issue.[2]

Advisors and families themselves must be proactive in finding ways to involve children and grandchildren. “If you are lecturing to the family they’re going to be less willing to participate and be active in that process. But if you make the process more interactive and help them be part of the discussion and learning, and have a say in how they best learn, we found that to be very helpful.”1

This is where Wealth Access enters the picture in a big way. With its mobile applications and permissions-based sharing, current stewards of wealth can expose younger generations selectively to the very data they themselves work with in making their investment decisions. Next generation stewards are already comfortable in this virtual space, and patriarchs and matriarchs keep their peace of mind, as well, knowing Wealth Access protects their information with bank-level security.

Experienced investors take for granted the very language of investing. “Getting [younger generations] involved and understanding some of these basic concepts…is something we think is critical in helping families sustain their wealth.”1

Again, Wealth Access’ simple and intuitive platform can be pivotal in this instructional conversation. For experienced investors and students of wealth management alike, the platform’s clean, straightforward presentation of complex information is essential to distilling what matters most. Whether that’s for maintaining financial awareness when considering a sophisticated new investment prospect or digesting the very principles of finance, Wealth Access delivers.

When younger generations are first educated on the elements of wealth management, they will have the capacity to learn the greater lessons regarding the purpose of wealth and how to give back to society.